Raw Materials Supplier: Cement / Clinker / Limestone / CaCo3 / Quicklime / Crushed stone


Newly established in begin in gof 2011, Vietnam LongSon soon become the Vietnam ’s leading EXPORTER with main concentration on cement, Vietnam LongSon offers quality clinker and cement with competitive prices and five-star services.


GL Cooler: Cooler system and Clinker rolling-mill is supplied by IKN Maker – Federal Republic of Germany. The pendulum motion system absolutely minimizes friction and abrasion to equipment. Aeration system is designed according to the Coanda effect to improve cooling efficiency and maximum heat recovery. The crusher designed under the impression rolling style creates smooth motion and avoids overloading in all cases.

CCR and electrical system: The workings of all equipment in the production line are monitored and controlled from the central room (CCR) through the measuring and controlling devices designed and supplied by ABB Maker – Swiss. The batch control system is controlled online from QC room through the latest generation X-Ray system of ABB Maker – Swiss. Besides, QCS system is connected to the quantitative stations through DCS system to improve and stabilize product quality.