Kaolin – Kaolin Clay

VietCement Group is Vietnam’s leading natural stone and mineral manufacturer and exporter. The company specializes in the areas of business: Mining and processing of non-metallic mineral products (marble, natural stone, feldspa, kaolin);
Established in 2005, we are one of the top stone and minerals companies in Vietnam specializing in manufacturing and exporting.

Specifications: Kaolin, Fe2O3: 0.74%; Al2O3: 34% – 38%; Size: 0-6mm – Our product is much used in Ceramic application.
Quantity: 10,000MT per months
Packing: Jumbo 1.25MT or Bulk
Port loading: Cam Pha, Vietnam

Surface Treated Kaolin Clay

Surface treated kaolin clay is a substrate for chemical surface treatment. The range of treatments is quite varied and application specific. Generally silicone treatments reacted on the kaolin surface to later cross-link with an intended polymer system. Due to the improved chemical bond strength achieved, improved physical & electrical properties of the final product are realized.

The surface of any of our products can be treated with silicones of various types either according to customer requirements or in the form of standard products. By selecting the proper aluminum silicate and applying the appropriate silicone for a given resin or polymer system, new products can be formed with improved dispersion, electrical, hydrophobic and physical properties. In most instances the silicone will act as a coupling agent to give these improvements. This allows the compounder or formulator the use of aluminum silicate advantages in compounds or coatings not ordinarily compatible with aluminum silicates, or additional loading in those already containing aluminum silicates. Our surface treated clays retain the physical and optical characteristics of the clays and gain the ability to improve compound properties. Information on clays treated for specific systems is available on request.