Dolomite Stone

Dolomite stone: size 2-3mm – 0-25mm – 30-60mm – 40-80mm
Dolomite supplied by Dong Son Mining is of high purity with very low iron content (Fe2O3 <0.02%) and high calcium oxide (CaO >32.60%) content. Particle size as per customer’s requirement.
Product Specification / Models

Product Name
Chemical and Physical Properties

SiO2: 2% max;
Al2O3: 1% max;
CaO: 30% min;
MgO: 19% min;
Fe2O3: 1% max;
LOI: 41-46%

Color: Gray / White Pink

0-3mm; 40-60mm; or customize
Steel Plant;
Glass Plant
Construction Material;
Refractory Material;
Chemical Industry;
Environmental Protection;
Energy Saving;
As a flux for smelting iron and steel, the dolomite can neutralize the acidic slag, improve the alkalinity of the slag and reduce the activity of FeO in the slag, so as to reduce the erosion of the furnace lining.

The chemical composition of pulverized Dolomite supplied by us as follows:

CaO Fe2O3 MgO SiO2
> 32.45% < 0.05% > 19.17% < 0.05%


Limestone Vietnam

Dong Son Manufacturer is very confident to be a reputable company in Vietnam, supplier of Limestone and Construction Stone, Clinker and Cement Vietnam at high quality and reasonable price. On recent years, we have exported a big quantity of each product at high quality and get the satisfaction of many customers.
Limestone has numerous uses: as a building material, as aggregate for the base of roads, as white pigment or filler in products such as toothpaste or paints, as a chemical feedstock for the production of lime, or as a popular decorative addition to rock gardens.

We have 5 kinds of limestone:
1. Big Limestone lumps
2. Granular limestone for feed grade
3. Limestone rude size powder
4. Limestone for Cement
5. Limestone for Steel

We are currently supply a huge quantity of Limestone at the standard quality as belows:
Limestone Chemical Properties:

1 CaO 53% Min 54 % Min
2 SiO2 0.55 % Max 1 % Max
3 MgO 0.1 % Max 2% Max
4 Al2O3 0.17 % Max 0.2% Max
5 Fe2O3 0.14% Max 0.2% Max
6 Na2O 0.035% Max 0.05% Max
7 K2O 0.01% Max 0.025 Max
8 LOI 43% Min 41.5% Min
9 Size 5-25mm – 40-80 mm
10 Load Port Cam Pha Port // Quang Ninh Province VN
11 Arrangement Good Arrangement // Shipper agency
12 NOR NOR in Day & Night // NOR Tender after 12h
13 Loading rate Loading rate at 7500 MT PWWD
14 Draft issue Draft restriction at 13.5m // actual depend on tide of day
15 Supply/Month 100.000MT
16 FOB Price  $7 – $9

Regarding product packing and loading,we also do safe way. We have rich experienced and professional team to handle product packing,space availability and stacking in container or bulk,ensure that the goods you receive and you expect are same.
Packing detail: in Bulk
Delivery detail:
1. Delivery time :15 days after the order confirmed.
2. Port loading: Cam Pha, Quang Ninh, Vietnam.

Fly Ash use in Cement Industry

Fly Ash use in Cement Industry – (Class F) ASTM-C618 – Flyash use for cement industry – ≤1 %. ≤8 %
Supply Quantity: 12.000 Tons /Months
Min Order Quantity: 2.000 Tons
Fob Only – Port: Nghi Son, Hai Phong, Cam Pha in Vietnam
Payment: LC/TT



Cement with Fly Ash

Fly ash is recovered in the form of a fine dust by the dust collectors of furnaces burning pulverized coal. Fly ash may be siliceous (consisting mostly of eactive silicon dioxide (SiO2) and aluminium oxide (AI2O3) with pozzolanic properties) or calcareous (consisting of reactive calcium oxide (CaO), reactive silicon dioxide (SiO2) and aluminium oxide (AI2O3 ) and having both pozzolanic and hydraulic properties) and is consequently serves as a suitable alternative raw material. Since the reaction of pozzolanic material is slower than that of clinker, cements containing fly ash typically show a lower early strength compared to ordinary Portland cement (OPC) at similar fineness. They also exhibit a lower water demand, an improved workability, a higher long-term strength and – depending on the application – a better durability such as an increased resistance against sulfate attack. In addition, fly ash can often contain higher amounts of unburned carbon affecting their suitability for cement and concrete.

We are offering fly ash etc. Our organization in engaged in providing fly ash, which makes the concrete durable, stronger and resistant to chemical attack. Residue material such as fly ash and bottom ash are produced by power plants.